Mandy Wheeler- Hayes Psychic Medium /clairvoyant.
Mandy Wheeler- Hayes  Psychic Medium /clairvoyant.

            psychic and  spiritual teacher in sutton                              coldfield,birmingham ,united kingdom

              our own individual spiritual awakening 

 we are all on a journey and whilst some of us are blissfully unaware throughout many lifetimes that we are more than just a human here on earth to a live a life and then die ,others are faced through many lifetimes with their spiritual path being at  the absolute forefront of everything which they do .

when we wake up we are remembering everything which has gone before and whilst our brains can not cope with this level of knowledge and capability all in one go it can slowly piece by piece learn to understand a force greater than that which could ever be seen with the human eye .

our awakening is personal to us and to our karma and our personal journey throughout many human lifetimes and throughout our entire existance as a being , as we awaken we start to see the human pattern which has been formed and we start to understand that although we think we are living a life here on earth we are actually asleep , we follow a pattern of behaviour which has been instilled in us and we become everything which we have been told we must become , nowhere in this situation do we imagine that we are actually greater than this ,that we actually have more control over our destiny and our human lives than what we have been taught .

when we awaken we see another world and we become aware that we are opening up to a force greater than man and this force is us , it is the true version of ourselves and who we are and when somebody has started on their spiritual journey and began their own awakening their is no force strong enough that will stop them from pursuing their path and uncovering their knowledge.

as our vibration lifts and starts vibrating at a higher velocity people who are too far removed from our vibration will fall from our lives and its with absolute certainty that we maintain an inner knowledge of that being part of  our life path so we learn to accept lt for what it is and the more we accept the higher we vibrate, the higher we vibrate,the more we attract all that is due to become part of our experience here on earth .

our minds begin to open more and allow our consciousness to take more control and as this happens we are becoming more attuned to our own guides and to the spiritual realms which we was once unable to see or connect with and we start to become everything which we came here to be .

our awakening will be painful and the greater our purpose the greater our pain but as we learn acceptance we become one with the universe and learn to sit quietly through our darkest times and understand that they must come however they are not here to bring us down ,they are a part of our journey and have been woven into a pattern created and planned long before we arrived here on earth . when we can continue to follow our spiritual path and maintain our belief in ourself and our soul no matter what we may encounter then we will be taken to the next level of our own ascenscion on earth and our spiritual awakening will reach its next chapter.



As a channel,spiritual teacher,psychic medium and clairvoyant i am truly honoured to have the ability to share my experiences of my own soul journey . having these abilities has allowed me the wisdom and grace to learn the art of acceptance.

i am truly grateful for all the difficult and dark times which i have endured and no doubt will continue to as a spiritual teacher and i am truly honoured and blessed to  be given the opportunity to see and hear what i do in order to understand my awakening more .




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