Hello and thankyou for visiting my website , my name is Mandy Hayes and I am a psychic medium and clairvoyant ,   a reiki healer and crystal therapist and a counsellor and spiritual life coach, I am a psychic and spiritual teacher and offer workshops and classes in many different areas from psychic development and tarot through to level 18 reiki attunements .


growing up I knew I was different but  had no idea why , I seemed to be a lot more reserved than other children and I seemed to always know how people was feeling, it would cause me to become sad for no reason and just know that someone wasnt telling me the whole story .As I progressed to my teenage years and started spending time with groups of people who was destructive I too became destructive and noticed how I would feel totally out of control around certain people ,I dropped out of school,found light recreational drugs ,alcohol and cigarettes , it was at the age of 13 that I saw my first spirit when my wonderful grandad died, I was going to sleep a couple of days after his passing and I got this overwhelming feeling to look at my bedroom door and there stood at the end of my bed was  a figure of light in a white hospital gown , I could not see his face but I felt his presence and knew it was him .

It took me many years to come back to my ability as I brushed it off and carried on with life however the birth of my second child then triggered it again at the age of 27 and my natural empath, channel and psychic abilities intensified to a level beyond my control or comprehension and resulted in me being quite ill with anxiety , my son was also a channel and an empath and this combination pushed forward to force me to accept my gifts.

over the past 15 years my journey has become more intense and I  work  as a psychic medium and clairvoyant in birmingham ,I am also a reiki healer and spiritual teacher and I am completely dedicated to my work ,I offer a large range of psychic and spiritual services in birmingham and worldwide and  absolutely love what I do .

 I talk to spirit and  hear them talking to me and about me ,I also channel their energy through my body and this allows you to see your loved ones actions and mannerisms in my face and actions, as an empath and a channel I am able to travel to spirit and they show me where they are now and who they spend their time with .

I am deeply honoured to be able to communicate with your loved ones and I have the utmost respect for spirit and believe that they deserve rest  and time to allow their own growth in their new realm .





 I offer many different types of reiki treatments and attunements to include kundlaini,angelic ,dolphin and unicorn .

I offer past life regression therapy and hypnotherapy and as a channel I am able to travel with the client on this journey which makes it very intense and allows me to work deeply with the karmic imprints which we aim to uncover and  change .


I am a mother to 3 children and  have been lucky enough to be able to equip my children with spiritual knowledge and the ability to understand their own spiritual abilities and connections at a level they feel comfortable with .

teaching is my passion and whether I am teaching tarot or manifestation ,psychic development or reiki  I become totally absorbed in working from my soul and allowing all which I  have learned and which my guides have taught me to become my total focus .




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Mandy Hayes Psychic Medium