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(whispers from heaven)

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Reiki Healer West Midlands

based in sutton coldfield ,west midlands b73 

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       mandy hayes - PSYCHIC MEDIUM


                                    2018 TOUR VENUES IN UK ,IRELAND,JERSEY AND GUERNSEY




Mandy is a Psychic Medium /clairvoyant who has been offering psychic readings for 15 years based in sutton coldfield, birmingham Mandy offers private 1-1 readings  in birmingham and large group bookings , she has a large client base and helps her clients in many different ways in her capacity not only as a psychic medium but also as a healer,counsellor,hypnotherapist and life coach .

Mandy has a very strong and deep relationship with her guides and spirit and they offer information that is just completely impossible for anybody to know  .

Her ability to see and talk to spirit started at a young age as a child but Mandy denied this connection for many years as she didn't understand  what was really happening   until she could ignore it no longer  and now she uses her ability to connect to spirits and guides to enhance the lives of others .








Having a psychic medium reading  from mandy is likened to being given absolute confirmation that our loved ones live on and when she passes the messages they are clear and emotionally charged as she not only speaks to spirit but she also channels spirit which means she feels all of their feelings and emotions and anybody who has had a  medium reading from her will understand that  it is of the upmost importance to her that she can allow you to understand the strength of your loved ones feelings towards you

when she offers a clairvoyant reading you are in no doubt at all that mandy is talking about your life because the detail she pffers about you and those around you along with your situations leave you with absolutely no question at all that she is working within your energy.


Mandy is also a medical intuitive and she can and does tell you of any ailments you have and any injuries or health conditions ,she can also see any health conditions which are forming in her capacity as a healer Mandy also see's the energy as it is forming and can usually warn you of any health conditions which you are in danger of causing yourself.


Mandy offers psychic readings all over the world and can work just as clearly distant as she can in person .


The Whispers From Heaven  2018 Psychic Medium  Tour  Tickets are now available for sale  and more venues and dates are being added continually .



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