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  • Stacey (Friday, January 22 16 04:21 pm GMT)

    I was so impressed with my medium reading with Mandy. She was so friendly and the reading was so accurate. Thank you so much!

  • Mandy (Tuesday, May 19 15 09:32 pm BST)

    Sukhminder book by phoning or email

  • Sukhminder (Tuesday, May 19 15 02:57 pm BST)

    Hi I would like a reading please. Can you advise me how to book


  • Deb (Wednesday, April 08 15 04:08 pm BST)

    A year ago, Mandy pm'd me on FB asking some questions that I knew exactly what she was talking about. You see, I had so much guilt, I was holding back one of my Goldens from crossing over to the
    Rainbow Bridge. I cried everyday after losing her. It consumed me. Mandy assisted me in what to do and vizualize while messaging, she crossed my best friend over. Felt like 1000 lbs were lifted off
    me. Time to heal. Well, that was Jan 19 2014. My best friend at the Bridge sent me a new baby within 3 days of the reading/crossing. He was born Jan 16 2015 I hadn't planned on buying from a breeder,
    I planned to go to go to a rescue shelter. for many months. Someone had other ideas <3

  • rose (Thursday, March 05 15 09:20 pm GMT)

    I first had a card reading from Mandy in the summer of 2014. She was excellent, she could tell me things she couldn't have possibly known. She also told me what was going to happen in the next 6
    months and everything came true. I was struggling a couple of months a go and felt I was really struggling to cope. Mandy fitted me in the same evening and could tell me what had happened and also
    tell me how it would be resolved in a couple of months time. My dad came through in the reading and Mandy told me things that possibly my best friend wouldn't know. Fantastic experience, I would
    reccommend a visit she really is amazing. Thanks Mandy for all your help.

  • Siobhan Stokes (Wednesday, January 28 15 10:25 am GMT)

    Hi Mandy,
    Thank you so much for my medium reading i was so overwhelmed by the information you had given me from spirit,i feel blessed to know that my lovely Grandad is with me.
    thanks again Mandy and i shall be booking with you again your amazing :) xxxx

  • Lee (Tuesday, January 27 15 10:23 pm GMT)

    Hi Mandy, I couldnt believe how absolutley spot on you were after my first reading 6 months ago. The things you told me about my past couldnt have been more right. The things you told me about my
    future I didnt have a clue what you were telling me but within a month it all became clear and true. Even though some negative things you were so right. Im excited about the second reading you gave
    me last night, re house move, family matters, work and relationships and will be keeping an eye on situations. I hope the positives come true and I will definitley return for another reading. You got
    me to trust you immediatley with the things that you knew about me. I would definitley recommend you to a friend that needs guidance.

  • Michelle (Thursday, December 11 14 04:08 pm GMT)

    Had a party booking with 8 of my friends was absolutely amazed got a lot of answers I\'d been looking for. My friends have been asking me to book another booking I am just in the process of doing
    that but a lot more of my friends want to come truly brilliant can\'t wait till the next reading

  • Annette (Thursday, November 13 14 12:53 pm GMT)

    Just had a reading, and it was amazing, knew everything I need to know, and what my nan and grandad was like, so felt so good them talking and reassuring me, very happy today xxxx

  • Mike (Wednesday, October 01 14 11:58 pm BST)


    Have you got any availability for a reading this week? Thursday or Friday. I want to contact a recently deceased loved one.

  • shaun (Sunday, August 10 14 01:13 pm BST)

    went to see mandy may amazin. and true what she told me?

  • Alison (Sunday, August 03 14 06:09 pm BST)

    I am currently a student of Mandy's for Reiki, Psychic Development and Tarot.

    I know I am very fortunate and extremely grateful to have been guided to Mandy.

    Her teaching style is very honest, passionate and practical. She outlines every aspect of what you need to know and really helps you along the way especially when you experience things that you can't
    understand yourself!

    Mandy guides and supports you through the whole process of learning and developing.

    This is an amazing journey we are sharing - thank you Mandy for being there!

  • tracey hopewell (Thursday, July 31 14 04:52 pm BST)

    Tracey Richards Hopewellposted to‎Thespirits Way

    July 22 near Birmingham

    I was looking for a tarot/card reader and i came across Mandy whether by chance or fate. we have never met and she knows virtually nothing about me but i decided to have an online reading wither her.
    I was a little unsure but have had readings before i thought why not ....I must say she tuned in to my energy and was very accurate as to how i am feeling at this time. She was also spot on with
    various situations from my past and encouraged me to be more positive to change my energy. Thank you Mandy for my reading and in the near future i will not hesitate in having a 12 month . reading. If
    anyone is thinking of having a reading then i would certainly recommend Mandy even if it is online as she tunes into your energy with great accuracy.
    PS..Can i please have this weeks winning lottery

  • Jane Hampson (Sunday, July 27 14 09:25 pm BST)

    Loving the teachings of Mandy for both Physic Development and Tarot courses. Mandy keeps it real and instils a positive approach. Always a good lesson with some fun, keeps it exciting, keep up the
    good work Mandy.

  • sara (Sunday, July 27 14 08:47 pm BST)

    I've been a student of Mandy for a while I've done my reiki level one and two, tarot course and psychic development course, Mandy has such a special way of teaching I couldn't ask for a better mentor
    she is always on hand for any random questions I have no matter how silly they maybe,when teaching me she is so passionate about what she does and leaves you feeling amazing and positive.ive grown
    spiritually and personally since working with Mandy and I couldn't recommend her enough her teaching and readings are the best I've had by far and I'm she amazes me constantly. I'm so excited about
    all the other classes ill be doing with her,xxx

  • leanne martin (Wednesday, April 23 14 04:21 pm BST)

    Leanne Martin wrote on your Timeline.
    February 21 at 1:25am
    Happy birthday! Hope you have a lovely day, thank you so much for helping and guiding me through this tough journey! You are and have played a big part in helping me since I met you! You are not only
    a spiritual teacher to me but also a friend to! xxx

  • lea gordon (Wednesday, April 23 14 04:19 pm BST)

    Lea Lea Louise Gordon wrote on your Timeline.
    April 8 at 1:05pm
    Fantastic reading, thanku so much. I'd recommend u 2 anyone! Xxx
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  • kacey katt (Wednesday, April 23 14 04:16 pm BST)

    Kacey Kattposted to‎Thespirits Way
    April 20 near Great Barr
    Excellent reading by a welcoming and friendly lady. Highly recommended.
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  • selene austin (Tuesday, February 18 14 09:24 pm GMT)

    Me and a friend had a reading with many earlier in the month. She is a very friendly and welcoming lady who makes you feel at ease ! She is extremely gifted and we both where more then happy with are
    readings ! Would recommend her to anyone ! Thank you so much ! Will be seeing you again in a few months xx

  • tracy barfoot (Saturday, October 12 13 08:01 pm BST)

    hi im tracy ,,and i have been a student with mandy for around 5 months ,..iv had some amazing experiences in this time iv lernt to get rid of negitive spirits,and see everything in positive light and
    i have had some realy tuff times lately emotionaly and i found that this has all happened for reason as my spirit guids had to put me on this path to better times ,,,iv lernt to ground and protect
    myself each day and i must say i do feel positive i also can feel things around me more as time has gone on ,,i used to be so scared to step in to the unknown incase i did something wrong but with me
    being mandys student i feel i understand things more and feel stronger and stronger spiritualy each day ,,thank you mandy and im looking faward to my next lessons

  • Gerry McVey (Saturday, October 12 13 07:54 pm BST)

    Wonderful caring healer . I asked for help when my nan who passed 25 years ago was still causing me and my children very bad nightmares and a horrible atmosphere . Mandy made contact with my nan and
    helped me to guide her to the other side then clense the house . No more nightmares she's finally found peace . Thankyou so much .

  • Sarah Dixon (Saturday, October 12 13 01:15 pm BST)

    Mandy is an amazing person. She has performed a house cleansing for me and I can't believe how different our lives are now. We were all being terrorized by some very dark energies and my 4 year old
    daughter was having a very hard time in particular. Now Mandy has helped us, the whole house feels lighter, my daughters nightmares have stopped, and we no longer live in constant fear. I really
    can't thank Mandy enough for her help and I can highly recommend her for any spiritual help you may need. She's a very special person x

  • donna shire (Saturday, October 12 13 12:58 pm BST)

    what a wonderful experience, she is attentive to detail and highly accurate, would recommend her to anyone ......

  • Nicky Evans (Saturday, October 12 13 12:46 pm BST)

    Would like to thankyou so much, for the healing, house cleanse, and my reading you done for me, you truly are AMAZING, you will not be disappointed if you have a reading with this lady,have
    recommended friends and family who also are amazed by the readings. Thanks again x

  • shia godwin (Thursday, April 25 13 02:22 pm BST)

    Shia Godwinposted toThespirits Way
    April 14 near Auburn, WA
    Thank you for the healing you sent yesterday. So far, besides feeling better, I have also noticed that the swelling in my feet has gone down and they look like feet again! I appreciate this! I was
    afraid I wouldn't have anything to report but you are a powerful healer! My feet have been so swollen from the meds it was like trying to walk on basketballs. Much love and light to you.
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  • nicky stokes (Thursday, April 25 13 02:16 pm BST)

    Nicky Stokesposted toThespirits Way
    April 18
    Thank u for your help .you are amazin women and very gifted xxxx
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  • Julie Watkins (Thursday, April 25 13 02:03 pm BST)

    Julie Watkinsposted toThespirits Way
    21 hours ago
    Would like to thankyou for the reading earlier it was amazing. thanks for your time xxx
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  • Daniel stevens (Thursday, April 25 13 02:01 pm BST)

    Daniel Anthony Stevens
    38 minutes ago
    Has just had a brilliant reading of my grandad's photo by the lovely Thespirits Way, best one i have ever had, and i have been to alot of mediums, would highly recomend her to every one,
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  • Janét Bowerman (Tuesday, April 16 13 10:00 pm BST)

    I recently had a private reading and I want to say what an accurate and spot on reading it was. Thank you so much! Your readings are so in-depth and you go above and beyond with them by sending out
    healing as well. You picked up on many things others have not. I highly recommend a reading with you and will tell my friends. Peace, Love & Light

  • Melissa Zimmerman (Saturday, April 13 13 07:12 pm BST)

    I want to say thank you for the healing. I asked because I've been dealing with a lot of, emotional problems. And after the healing, I felt something I haven't felt, in a long time, love. It's
    difficult for me to describe it. But it was a great feeling. Thank you so much!!!!

  • Robin Bailey (Saturday, April 13 13 01:04 pm BST)

    Robin Baileyposted toThespirits Way
    10 hours ago
    I want to say thank you for the wonderful Healing. I had been living with sadness with a Mothers guilt and regret for very long time. I asked for a healing. and it felt as soon as i received your
    reply i felt a relief and a msg," it's not as you think..." and i have felt much relief with a acceptance and a self forgiveness that is growing stronger each hour. thank you again for the healing.
    you are truly gifted

  • Gemma Goldingay (Saturday, March 23 13 06:30 pm GMT)

    Thank you so much for all your help. With my autistic daughter and myself. I found you very understanding and extremely helpful. Will defiantly recommend and use you again in the future. Thank you

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