SOUL READING                                          in sutton coldfield,birmingham


This is not for a psychic reading for your future ,this is a reading where i will connect in to your soul and talk to your soul and your guides.

the purpose of this reading is for people who are lost and are looking for spiritual guidance , knowledge from their guides regarding this lifetime and the karma they have accumulated throughout lifetimes which may be holding them back in this lifetime .

this reading also allows for you to find that part of you which you feel that you know is there but you cant quite access it and  although you sense and know that you are much more than a human being you sometimes need a little help to look deep within and understand your souls purpose.

our healing cenre in sutton coldfield,birmingham is aimed at helping people find their spiritual path and learn how to journey towards that which is your soul destiny. a soul reading is for those people who know and are willingly commited to making deep changes to connect to their soul and their own  spiritual journey.

this is an excellent reading for access in to a childs mind who may have been labelled with adhd,aspergers or any other conduct disorder.

it allows me to access their soul,energy system and mind and to remove any spiritual issues which may be causing problems .

many times people will be connecting in to a negative energy or thoughtform which has managed to take hold of them and the more sensitve and empathic people will actually start to replicate the behaviour or actions /thoughtforms of such energy.

 i have removed spirits from children resulting in their behaviour completely changing instantly .

i have also taught parents of empathic children how to protect them from taking the energies of people or children around them and acting in a different manner to their true personality .

i can not say exactly what this reading will involve as it is different for everybody as our souls determine what we need to cover and our guides will bring to the session exactly what is needed .


COST  £50.


this reading will last for approx 50 minutes 

Mandy Hayes Psychic Medium 

reiki grandmaster in sutton coldfield, birmingham

Redacre road , boldmere  b73 5ea


         0755 795 0078


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Mandy Hayes Psychic Medium